Facade Cladding

This product is made of aluminum and other metal, prefabricating customized patterns, suitable for shopping malls, office buildings, department buildings, etc. improving the building's whole atmosphere.

Window & Doors

windows & doors have different opening ways which decide different space use. For villas, usually use large fixing windows and folding doors.

Decorative Metal Screen

This type of product is found in the villa and high-end department, customized with amazing patterns, and it is a good decoration craft.

Curtain Wall

High-end office buildings install glass curtain walls, which will make the whole building show a modern and commercial atmosphere.

Fence & Gate

Widely use in villa gardens, they are used for decorating the garden. There are various patterns that can be cut in. Those fences & gates can keep the villa vivid.

Balustrade & Railing

balustrades & handrailings are used for keeping safe and decoration. Usually for balconies, stairs, public areas, footbridges, parks, etc. making building and space more convenient.

Metal Architectural Item

Air conditioner cover, aluminum louver, aluminum pergola, and entrance canopy are additional functions for the building, those products can make the building more convenient and useful.


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